family and friends play party games Codenames pictures and Sushi go party at the park with a cute dog getting in the way

It's Party Game Time!

This quarter's games are 2 incredibly fun party games! ūüĆüYou can play both of them with just 2 players on up to 8 players. (We were thinking of the holidays with lots of gatherings...)

Click to get your how to play videos and fun music playlist for background music.

Get your playlist!

Send out these explainer videos to your group ahead of time or set up a tablet or TV for everyone to see and learn together. (No more arguing over the rules or stressing out reading them...)

Fall 2022 Cogo Crate:

The original CodeNames is an international best-selling party game, so we wanted to share with you the CodeNames: Pictures version which is great to play with kids of all ages, even pre-readers with a little adult help!

Sushi Go Party is a lot like Uno! You can even play on teams to stretch it out to an even bigger group. Watch the videos and then grab the playlist below the video for a fully immersive experience.